Parenteau Analytics is an independent Registered Investment Advisor offering independent advisory and consulting services to institutional clients such as insurance companies, pension funds, endowments and foundations. We do our own independent research and we do not limit our research to options that are affected by conflicts of interest or distractions like whether or not a firm, product, asset class, or service has agreed to participate in a “wrap-fee” program or other “concessions” for approval. 

We are registered Municipal Advisors for public employee pension funds, and public risk pools.

As a philosophy, we believe in risk-adjusted returns, with a focus on downside risk, and seeking to minimize correlated return drivers. We tend to believe that smaller, younger firms typically outperform larger, more established firms in certain capacity constrained asset classes, and that other asset classes are simply best indexed.

We are very research and data driven. We love technology and the efficiencies it can bring to this process. 

Parenteau Analytics

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